One Year Cancer Free Today!

"You're cancer free, Kathi" my surgeon said. I was waking up from surgery, groggy but aware of the recent assault on my body, as if from a distance. Gotta admit, the pain stepped in front of the awesome news that I was cancer free because of the surgery.

I learned about being totally helpless those four days at NYU Perlmutter Cancer Center. Being a private person, it was overwhelming at times. But, the care I received was excellent. I am grateful to the nurses who were so kind and attentive. I highly recommend NYU to anyone on the journey of healing cancer.

 One year later, today, I am still cancer free! 

The power of that statement lands deeply in me every day.

I still have one more immune therapy treatment in June.

There's life before cancer and there's life after cancer.

I planned my trip to the Rockies, the 5 National Parks of Utah and The Grand Canyon for August.

I'm buying the air tickets today.

Thank you Dr. Pavlick, Dr. Friedman, Dr. Gold, Dr. Sheth, the pathologist at MSK and Putnam Hospital, Dr. Marc Demers, Dr.Paul Finger. All the nurses, all my family and friends. And most of all, my husband Tim.