The Bell Of Hope

I rang the Bell of Hope on June 3rd. The day of my last Opdivo infusion. for metastatic Melanoma.

Since then, I have been too busy to write this final blog about my journey dealing with/healing Cancer.

How wonderful. I am one of the lucky ones. I feel grateful every day. Life is precious.

Being diagnosed with cancer is a vulnerable, scary experience.

I am humbled and so grateful for all the people who helped me.

I hired the best melanoma Oncologist, Dr. Anna Pavlick who set up a great team, including my surgeon Dr. Erica Friedman. I loved the staff at NYU. Everyone was professional and so nice.I would highly recommend NYU.

I learned so much about nutrition, stress and kindness. And the importance of having a spiritual practice.

The healing cancer program by Chris Wark was terrific.

The love and kindness I experienced from so many people created a deep, visceral feeling of healing.

The talk with my fellow singers Janie and Diane gave me strength and hope to go through surgery and treatment.

I worked with a hypnotherapist named Althea Lockwood. I couldn't have gotten through this with out her.

I'm not really surprised I developed Cancer.

Years of stress, hurt, loss, and disappointment had left a deep wound inside of me.

I indulged in unhealthy behaviors. All under the specter of genetics.

An Irish fair skinned gal with a history of sunburns.

Cancer taught me

 to slow down, remove toxic people, places and things and really take care of myself.


Don't take on other people's "issues" shall I say.

And pray like mad that the treatment works.

The SGI members who had been through cancer Really helped me. Thank you Chance, Shunzo and Kwon.

My high school friend, Marc, who is an oncologist, was very supportive. Our chats really helped stabilize me when the fear got overwhelming. That was an amazing gift. A huge comfort.

And my husband, Tim, who drove me to every appointment and took every step of this journey with me.

His love and support was the bedrock and soft place for me to recover.

I feel healed. I feel free.

Thank You!

My go to place in my mind during any biopsy, mri, ct scan, recovery from surgery and treatment, was Trail Ridge Road in The Rocky Mountains.

I am in The Rocky Mountains, on Trail Ridge Road right now!